Monday, 27 April 2009

don't give up!

A very old song, recorded in 1997..we are a bit reluctant to claim this one is ours..too many theoretical mistakes here and there...nevertheless, the message becomes the main point. Forgive us for any uncomfortable sound and for the lack of musical knowledge back then.

Be thankful for it is the secret to happiness. Smile and it will lighten the heart. Talk less and listen more is the key to good relationship. Have patience for it builds character. Think good thoughts and you will be young at heart.
"God in His equity and Justice, has made joy and relief the consequence of contentment, and worry and sorrow the consequence of discontent"
- Hadith Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah
Let us all learn joy and relief from now on by being content. 786 Alhamdulillah Syukur!

I don't actually have any idea to write anything but I don't want my blog being idle for quite some time. So let's talk about this song instead...still in Akbar's mode though...a very heartening song to make us feel we're not alone in this life. Don't ever give up in what we're doing, of course if it is a good thing to do...Don't think twice to stop whatever we're doing if it is a bad doubt about that! For those who are studying or working, this song is for you...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Palestine Forum - the first Qiblah

This event took place just after NEXT at Sheffield but I did this entry before NEXT because I'm still waiting for the committee to upload the videos. They are pretty busy with examination at the moment, so I just have to wait a little longer. Patience is a part of 'iman'. Anyway, the forum made by Ust Irfan from Aberdeen was about the first Qiblah for Muslim which is the Masjidil Aqsa in Palestine, he did discussed thoroughly about how it all begin and what is the condition there now. The myth and hidden reality that we should discern as a Muslim. For those who are interested to learn more about it, click here.
So I was there to complete the event by a performance and here goes...I hope you all will enjoy them as I do cherish this moment as one of the last shows in the UK

There was a bit technical problem at first, but the wife of the owner of the canteen in MSD if I'm not mistaken came to the rescue. Taking advantage having Akbar here, I ask him to sing this song with me even though he did not memorize the lyrics anymore. I can understand that he has so many rapping to memorize and for songs like 'keampunan' which have not been performed as many times as the other songs, it would fade away slowly but surely. Please forgive any blunder we've made during the show.

I did a duet with Akbar for the second time in a famous song written by Yasin, Alhamdulillah. As Akbar said, he was still experiencing jet lag until the time he went back to Malaysia 4 days after the event. Congratulations for doing a good job performing at 5 in the morning. Thank you Hafidz (DZ-Soutussalam) and Rizaudin for shooting the videos. Last but not least, thank you very much to Ustaz Erfino again for still believing in me to contribute towards the success of the program. May Allah bless you and your family forever, Ameen...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Delayed event Maal Hijrah

I have been waiting to post these videos for quite some time but couldn't get the time to finish them on time. Sometimes, we just didn't realize how fast time flies. No matter what we do, we never could turn back time. So use our time wisely for it is one of the things that we have to grab before it's gone; being healthy before we're sick, being young before we're old, being rich before we're poor, being free before we're busy, being alive before we're dead. This is a reminder for me especially but if it does remind you too, I am very glad.
The Malaysian in Cardiff are quite active and they held a lot of Islamic events such as the Eid, Maulidur Rasul, Asyura Day, Maal Hijrah and many more. We are quite blessed being here because there are currently 100 Malaysian families approximately not including the single undergraduate and postgraduate student. This number is only an estimated figure because it changes every year. For more information on cardiffkeluarga click here. The Halal food are very easy to get and there's no problem finding a mosque in the city. We also have a Malaysian School consists of about 50 children studying Bahasa Melayu, Arabic Language, Quranic literature, Iqra, Islamic Education, Martial Art, Malay dance, Nasheed and a few more. For more information on 'Sekolah Melayu Cardiff', click here.

Cymru is the Welsh name of Wales, one of the countries united in the UK besides Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Cymru pronounced as 'KAMRI' is the name chosen by this nasheed group from the student of Cardiff University because of its uniqueness in the pronunciation and to mark the place they originated. As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff offers an exciting opportunity in education and lifestyle.

Allow me to introduce the team member of Cymru.
1. Syafeeq Ridzam - The vocalist (2nd year Medic)
2. Fayyadh - backup vocal (1st year Medic)
3. Aufa - Bongo (3rd year Engin)
4. Azad - Bass & Tambourine & Leader (4th year Engin)
5. Syafiq - Lead percussion & second solo (1st year Medic)
6. Ibrahim - percussionist (1st year Medic)

I would like to dedicate this appreciation to the photographer of the event; Haneef, the videoman; Islahuddin, Nasir and Wan for their endeavor. Not forgetting the organizer; Ustaz Sheikh Anuar Al-Hafeez for his inexorable exertion towards the betterment of all the members of 'cardiffkeluarga's iman. Thank you and may Allah bless you all forever.