Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Iftar-have our share

Ramadhan Kareem to all my brothers and sisters,

May this Ramadhan be the most beneficial for us for we never know if we can meet Ramadhan again next year. I would like to share some hadith with you regarding giving charity. Let's share some of our blessings with fellow Muslim for they will be our investment in the hereafter to save us from trouble, and believe me...there will be a LOT of trouble!

Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 2 :: Hadith 11
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr:

A man asked the Prophet , "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" The Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know.

Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 24 :: Hadith 524
Narrated Abu Burda:

from his father from his grandfather that the Prophet said, "Every Muslim has to give in charity." The people asked, "O Allah's Prophet! If someone has nothing to give, what will he do?" He said, "He should work with his hands and benefit himself and also give in charity (from what he earns)." The people further asked, "If he cannot find even that?" He replied, "He should help the needy who appeal for help." Then the people asked, "If he cannot do that?" He replied, "Then he should perform good deeds and keep away from evil deeds and this will be regarded as charitable deeds."

Monday, 11 July 2011

CLEAN rally?

Should the election be fair and clean, there would be no need of this rally. As a Malaysian citizen, please don't suppress our own people. Let us be a good servant of Allah and serve Him and only Him, for He is the only God worthy to be worshipped.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Arteffects International - Demascus

Salam to all...

These guys had planted their vigorous effort and innumerable time to complete the album and that should be acknowledged. I hope this album will inspire the next generation who are following our footsteps to produce quality products for dakwah Islamiah...keep up the good job...well done demascus!

Stormreaders Network

Salam to all,

Who have ever anticipate that a new magazine bringing a niche concept about religion who had 7000 return out of 10000 copies in the market for its first edition, is now printing more than 450000 copies for every issue and had a re-print for the previous issues continuously. This is a proof of the help from Allah when we help His course. I sincerely recommend this magazine to be a reading material in our household. Stop buying junk magazines which will only adding our sins more than information or true knowledge we get from it. May Allah help us in enlighting ourselves and our families.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Great Minds Training and Consultancy

Great Minds Training and Consultancy (GMTC) is ever so committed to equip entrepreneurs especially the first timers who are interested to be a wholesaler direct from China. We designed a wholesale master Course (WMC): Guangzhou 101 and Wholesale China Trip: Guangzhou 102. Wholesale China package offered is very interesting and had been participated by hundreds Muslim entrepreneurs from all around Malaysia.

GMTC's created a unique concept by introducing "Survivor Mode" where the participants are taught by experiencing the most challenging and tough situation by using the public transport to move around the city. We teach them how to catch the fish, not giving it to them, so that they are fully prepared to come again next time without supervision eventhough they do not know a local language.

With the motto of Touch and Grow, not touch n go, GMTC are ready to help the participant to promote and grow our business together and be the market leader. May Allah bless our efforts to be a merchant like the prophet (pbuh) and may Allah made it easy for us to help you to achieve your dreams.

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Monday, 6 June 2011


Landslide tragedy that befell the Orphanage House and the Children of Al Hidayah Islamic Al Taqwa, Hulu Langat on May 21st have touched the hearts and minds of all walks of life in Malaysia. Sympathy and willingness to help whenever assistance is needed, no matter in what form it comes pouring forth.

This feeling is also shared by the judicial council Nasyid Malaysia or better known as MUNSYID MALAYSIA . Following a visit and presentation program for victims of the tragedy that took place on May 27th Azwen Valley Resort, Malaysian Munsyid consists of nasyidians, musicians, activists and fan clubs have taken the initiative to join forces in order to achieve At-Taqwa Showcase Martyrs. This Showcase will be held on June 11, 2011 , held at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam , Selangor.

Showcase At-Taqwa Martyrs specifically aimed at raising funds to help victims of the incident. The program tentatively started as early as after Asar prayers with mini showcase at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam. After praying Maghrib and Isha prayers at Masjid Negeri, the program will followed by presentations by nasyidians, percussion, fund raising, and the presentation ceremony to be held at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam. Highlights of the event will begin at 9:00 pm and is scheduled to end around 11:00 pm. This event is open free of charge and visitors can donate through the tubes provided.

This program can be regarded as the largest showcase ever held in charity with more than 50 artists involved let it be solo or in groups accompanied by professional musicians. Although the program is planned in a very short time (less than 2 weeks) the support and cooperation of the nasyeed community have been very good. They are not only willing to perform for free but to contribute in the form of money, time, manpower or equipment and facilities without any payment. The program is also supported with full cooperation from the Shah Alam City Council, the Association of Orphan Malaysia, the Malay Heritage Corporation and Indigenous Affairs NSW (solid) and friends, especially the electronic and print media IKIM FM radio that acts as an official broadcaster.

The organizer invites any person or corporation to voluntarily contribute at the same time realizing this noble effort. They will be given space and opportunity to submit their own contributions to the representative of the orphanage in the showcase.
To any corporate body and individuals who want to contribute on that night can stay in touch with Bro Azadan (Rabbani) in line 019-2110300 or bro Isman (Hijjaz) in line 03-61408280. Donations can be made ​​directly to Maybank account 564137300901 on behalf of the Association of Orphan MALAYSIA .

Muhammad Razin Che Mud

(please mind the language as Google automatically translates it like this)


Salam to all...

A very great idea by Muslim to sell book via online using affiliate program and creating income stream as a multi level marketing which benefits customer through trading and networking. Stormreaders is the one and only online bookstore that is 100% Syariah compliance. One should not be pessimist about this business for learning and expanding knowledge is a noble career anyone would ever have. We can be sure that this is one of the prophet’s (pbuh) ways of living. Its Syariah panel is ever so committed to ensure all the marketing plans were never compromised to Syariah rules and regulations. So don’t miss out this golden opportunity to join Stormreaders exciting and dedicated network and you will be on your way to a lifetime university of financial freedom. You’ll never walk alone!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Iklan Jawatan Kosong

Friday, 1 April 2011

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Which is right and wrong?

Hafiz Ibn Kathir (Rahimahullah) in The Signs Before The Day of Judgement (pg. 14):

"Awf ibn Malik reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, 'The Jews split into 71 sects: one will enter Paradise and 70 will enter Hell. The Christians split into 72 sects: 71 will enter Hell and one will enter Paradise. By Him in Whose hand is my soul, my Ummah will split into 73 sects: one will enter Paradise and 72 will enter Hell.' Someone asked, 'O Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), who will they be?' He replied, 'The main body of the Muslims (al-Jama'ah).'

Where should I begin? I am writing out of dejected feeling I had lately. I’m afraid I don’t have the capacity to take action into what had happened and pray that my family is protected with such confusion and misleading aggregation with such alliances we could never had anticipated that it is erroneous. With names used and people involved makes us more convinced that they are true enough to tag along.
How could this happen when only 1 prophet preaching to only 1 God had given us an extraordinarily precious gift of all time, the Quran and Sunnah to be used as an infinite guidance to lead our life from the day we were born until the day we die. Is it that hard just to follow whatever is inside the holy Quran than to create new things using our limited mind. Satan with hundreds and thousands of years of experience will lure us to stay far astray from the true path with every tactics ever imagined. If they couldn’t persuade us to do bad things successfully, then they’ll let us do the good things improperly. The most treacherous and silently absorbs into our life is things that looks right to our eyes but in fact it is the wrong. We wouldn’t apologize for something we didn’t know it’s wrong all along, wouldn’t we? Same concept goes here, where we will not repent to Allah for what we felt as not a sin or so we think. That’s the plan!
The true meaning of success is not based on how we comprehend today. We are so used to think that being successful is by being rich, having our dream job with big houses or big cars. How and when will we understand that it’s not that at all? It’s a life of test! Every single day and every single night...what have we done or what will we do then? Who we follow is not really important and at the end of the day, we alone will be accountable, responsible and answerable to God of our own wrongdoings, not whom we follow with all our heart....by that time, it’s too late to regret and repent. Enter Islam wholeheartedly, not leaving anything which not suits us behind and take things which only serve our desire into our life. Everything that happened to us is considered a test and is a proof of our ‘Iman’ towards Islam. This is the only valuable possession to save us in the hereafter.
So let us all be a true truth seeker with the guidance from the Quran and Sunnah, not just believing and following any people whomever they may be with whatever title they may hold or worst case from any books written by people who are still open to silly mistakes and not free from sin. The prophet (pbuh) himself whom we knew as free from sin repents more than 75 times a day and yet he was promised to enter heaven. Shouldn’t we as a layman who is open to flaw repent more than the prophet? May Allah SWT guide us to be in the true path and not being persuaded into following the wrong team/organization.
Who amongst us did not want to go to heaven and be blessed to exploit all the offerings as a reward and is permanent?! Lasting forever and ever...that’s an incredibly long time, don’t you think? Compared to our lifetime here in the world, it’s only 60 years approximately, the longest might be a century if God wills. Even the devil didn’t want to go to hell, seriously....that’s the worst place to return to and is permanent as well! We will not get use to the hardship and will not endure the pain forever!
I am not angry at anyone nor am I trying to spread hatred amongst ourselves, just a little reminder to myself and to others who is kind enough reading this to be extra cautious in this test. There’s nothing to lose if we try everything we have in this world to be in the right path, for there is no way we can turn back time and save ourselves in the hereafter without being in the true path. Try to reserve any school of taught that is strapping in our mind for it might be the reason we lack behind. Fail to plan is planning to fail and the result of this examination will be all our deeds in this world, be it a good or bad including our intentions which haven’t being done will be calculated and punished as fair as it could be, better than any court human ever seen.
Let’s concentrate on our mission in life more than our greed for wealth and anything else in this world. Don’t judge people because we are not in the position to punish anyone. Let it be in Allah’s will that human changes and do good deeds. Our purpose is only to convey the message from the prophet to the whole mankind, not adding anything which is not from him and the rest is up to Allah. May Allah bless us and choose us to be guided on the true path and safe us from the torment of hell fire and suffering in the grave. We won’t like it there...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Must read about mobile phones!!

Mobile Phone
By Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

Etiquettes of the Mobile Phone
Islam has never been opposed to advancement. However, certain advancements are such that together with their benefits come much harm. Whilst mobile technology and the mobile phone in particular has revolutionised the way we live, it is important that we utilise such technology appropriately.

Crude Manners
It is important to realise that there are certain etiquettes of speaking on the phone. For example when calling someone, many people do not first ask the person they are calling whether it is convenient for them to speak at that very moment. They simply begin a long conversation without any regard for the inconvenience they cause the person they have called. There are yet others who, whilst in the company of others, answer phone calls and begin to casually converse with whoever has called them. Doing this is akin to turning your face away from those in your company whilst in the middle of a conversation and engaging in conversation with someone else without any explanation or apology to the first. Such behaviour is indeed inappropriate and a reflection of crude manners.

Robber of Time
The mobile phone, whilst being a very useful item, can prove to be a robber of time too. People feel obliged to utilise the free minutes and texts they have within their contract. If one has an allowance of 500 minutes or 500 texts within his talk plan, it is not necessary to utilise all these minutes or texts. By calling people or texting them only to use up the allowance, we are wasting valuable time which could have been utilised in productive activities.

Text Messages
Nowadays, many people send 'Jumu‘ah Mubarak' text every week to friends and associates. The contents of many of these texts are not authentic and sometimes not in line with Islamic teachings. One needs to be cautious before forwarding any message of this nature. Many people forward these messages just because they apparently sound good irrespective of the message being incorrect. Do not forward any message until you are sure of its authenticity.

If you are keen to propagate the beau­tiful teachings of Islam by using the text facility then make sure it is something beneficial, correct and authentic. Moreover, the day of Jumu‘ah should not be fixed for this; any day and every day should be made mubarak by conveying a piece from the teachings of our beautiful dīn.

Name at the End of Text
Whenever you send a text message, it is important to write your name at the end of the text, because it is possible that the person you are texting has not saved your number on his mobile. As a result, he will be confused and inconvenienced when he receives the text due to not knowing who the sender is.

In The Masjid
When attending the masjid one should switch off his mobile. Failure to do so will result in one being disrespectful to the house of Allāh as well as being a means of disturbance to others if the phone were to ring. It is prudent not to even leave the phone in vibration mode. In this situation if the phone were to receive a call during salāh, not only will it divert the phone owner's attention it will also disturb the person next to him. Many people immediately after the completion of salāh check their phones for possible missed calls or messages. This shows that although one was physically standing in the court of Allāh, mentally he was elsewhere. Thus we should switch our phones off before entering the masjid and not pay attention towards them until we leave.

Haram Sharīf
Many people would not even dream of answering a phone call whilst in the masjid when they are in their localities. However we observe the very same people freely using the mobile phone in the Haram Sharīf in Makkah and Madīnah. One should make a firm resolution and refrain from this for this leads to neglect and many other wrongs whilst in blessed places.

Musical Ring Tone
We should make sure that we have an appropriate simple ring tone on our mobile phone. To keep a musical ring tone is harām as the playing of music, or being a means of it being played is a sin. It is quite unfortunate that even when in Haramayn Sharīfayn whilst performing tawāf or presenting salām to the Prophet sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam, the musical tones of mobile phones are heard.
This is harām and a major sin. Safeguard yourself from such things that distance you from the Creator.

'Islamic' Ring Tones
The adhān, salām, tilāwah of the Glorious Qur’ān, nāt and nashīd are used as ring tones by many on mobile phones. The adhān has a set time and a purpose and should only be announced at the time for the stipulated purpose. Salām also has a specific purpose which is to greet one another. The Glorious Qur' ān is the word of Allāh and has been sent for guidance of mankind. The Shari’ah has stipulated many rulings in regard to this great book. Nāt and nashīd are recited to inculcate and increase the love for our beloved Prophet sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam in our hearts. None of these should be used to inform us that someone is calling us. This is disrespectful. One should merely keep a simple ring tone for this purpose.

How Many Rings
If when ringing someone one finds that the phone cuts off after a few rings or diverts to an answering machine, then the caller may try again. One should retry a maximum of three times for it may be that the person was busy and as he approached the phone it stopped ringing and thus he was unable to answer. However, there are some phones that do not divert or cut-off and keep ringing. In such cases the caller should let it continue ringing for that duration which would be considered normal, approximately ten rings. If the call is not answered then put the phone down because not answering indicates that the person is either occupied or does not wish to speak. Do not cause inconvenience by compelling.

Mobile and Teachers
It is not permissible for teachers at madrasah or school to use the mobile during their working hours for the madrasah and the school has purchased that time from them. This time does not belong to them; it has become the property of the employing establishment.

Please forward this message on to others so that even more people can benefit.