Thursday, 3 June 2010

Manifestasi Cinta

Salam to all...after a long break from writing here, I just want to share this video clip which we've done recently. It's from the new album of Fiq (Mentor) featuring Mirwana of course(who else)...this video took place in MMU's Creative Multimedia Faculty and it's a 1 day shoot from early morning 7am until 4am the next morning, plus minus breaks and such...I am amazed of the production team, whom are much younger yet very talented...they also did Vince's latest video, and we might book them in the future...
I had received a few negative comments regarding the female general in this video, though I have no control whatsoever of what the video clip was going to be, I agree with those who protested against the use of female character in the video as a means of attrative publicity and it really has an impact of our identity as a vocal harmony band who preach good values in our songs. I think they should think more carefully when dealing with this matter in the future. A picture tells us a thousand words, so how much more a video tells us then? It shows us that in the music industry, they don't really care about religious sensitivity as long as it satisfy a certain people viewing it.