Thursday, 26 February 2009

Islamic Medical Treatment


The main purpose of this intensive course is to provide an avenue for those throughout the UK who desire to learn about Islamic Medical Treatment. Participants will leave with a sound understanding of the unseen in light of the Qur'an and Sunnah, whilst having acquired the necessary knowledge to diagnose whether an individual has been inflicted with jinn-related diseases and the Islamic method of treatment thereafter.
Topics covered:
1. The concept of Islamic Medical Treatment (IMT)
2. IMT in relation to modern medical treatment
3. IMT in relation to alternative therapy
4. The unseen in Qur’an and Sunnah
5. Illnesses and disease caused by the unseen
6. Sihr and disturbances
7. Protection against the unseen
8. Determining diagnoses
9. Treatment methodology (Ruqyah Shar'iyyah): Evidence and principles
10. Ruqyah Shar'iyyah (practical)
11. Case studies
Cycle 1: Sat 4th, Sun 5th, Sat 11th, Sun 12th (April 2009)
Cycle 2: Sat 18th, Sun 19th, Sat 25th, Sun 26th (April 2009)
Cycle 3: Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd, Sat 9th, Sun 10th (May 2009)
Cycle 4: Sat 16th, Sun 17th, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th (May 2009)

Course Fees: £150 (Inclusive of course materials, lunch and refreshments)

Assalamu alaikum,
Ustaz Trimizi Zainal, Deputy Chairman of PISANG (Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group), arrived in the UK today and will be here for about 2 months. He will be conducting PISANG Islamic Medical Treatment courses and will hold several mobile clinics throughout the UK during his stay here.
Prior to his arrival, he was in Cairo where he conducted Islamic Medical Treatment courses and held mobile clinics targeting Malaysian students (Islamic Studies and Medical students). studying there Some disturbing figures that were obtained from the mobile clinics are as below:
Number of students screened: about 1,200
Students with sihir (black magic) cases: 114
Students with jinn affliction: 153
Students suffering from severe stress/depression: 48
TOTAL number of student with problems: 325 (about 27%)
Egypt has about 8,000 Malaysian students and with an assumption that 27% of them have similar problems, this will translate to 2,160 students. The Malaysian embassy in Cairo were equally alarmed with the figures.
We have not done this scale of jinn-screening in the UK amongst Malaysian students and their dependencies. It may turn out that the figures are equally alarming.
If you would like PISANG to hold mobile clinics in your locality, please contact me via email hamidi@melayu. Just like scanning your PC for viruses, there is nothing to lose if there is no problem. In fact it will give you peace of mind. If we find problems, treatment can be given promptly.
On the other hand, if you have been afflicted by jinn and jinn-screening has not done, your condition may get worse and goes unnoticed over the years. Problems may only be noticeable after the medical condition has deteriorated to a critical condition and by that time treatment will be more difficult or ineffective. DON'T WAIT TILL IT'S TOO LATE. REGISTER FOR JINN-SCREENING NOW at uk.
PISANG does not charge any fee for screening or treatment. However we welcome any amount of donation to sustain and expand our operations. PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation registered in England.

Hamidi Abdul Rahman
Chairman PISANG uk

ps. Please forward this email to other individuals/ e-groups

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

the end of a new beginning

These 2 songs were supposed to be in our second album, but because of time limitation and marketing strategy by our former recording company(Supra 7), they had these songs compiled as a repackaged version with a new cover album featuring only 4 of our member since Faizal left the group. I will tell you insyaAllah how we met each other and how it all begin...until we are in the situation that we're in...with the latest version you wouldn't get anywhere else...
Now that we are an independent group with no label, so Supra 7 and Universal Music are out of the story...I can definitely say that the repackage album was the end of a new beginning...
Anyway,even without a proper contract we can still do our job...which is to spread the true meaning of the teaching of our religion to the world.
This song is about the most essential key in the pillars of Islam, which is the prayer. Why did I say that? Because this is the one and only command that Allah gave the prophet directly not through the angel Jibril/Gabriel...the prophet had to be prepared physically and mentally before the event took place, and was taken to the highest level of the heaven (Sidratul Muntaha) a place where not even the angels can simply go and meet the Lord. This practice is the only thing that separates a Muslim and non-Muslim, the first thing that will be ask in our graves, the way to solve problems, how we connect with God, the protector from doing sins and many more...We may have heard this points many times before, but couldn't really grasp the true objective in performing it. For example, in the solat..we actually do all the 5 pillars in Islam...1. we did recite the testimony of faith (2 words of Shahadah), 2. Solat came in the second place, 3. we did not eat and drink during Solat, in a way are actually fasting... 4. we did spend our time and energy for the sake of Allah to do it, in a way of giving Zakat...5. we did the Solat heading towards the Kaabah in Makkah where we actually did when performing hajj/pilgrimage...
and by performing Solat, we are actually practicing our 6 pillars of faith...1. we did believed in the Oneness of God, 2. we did believed in the angels who brought the messages from God to the prophets, 3. we had already believed in all the prophets sent by God, because the Solat was only done by the prophet, not prescribed in the Quran 4. we believed in the books (Torah, Zabur, Injil, Furqan), 5. we believed in the hereafter, because if not, we wouldn't pray at all.. 6. we did believe the pre-destination by God whether it is good or bad.
Thus by searching the right way to perform this obligatory practice, we had discovered so many unrevealed answers which is the true meaning of the religion... the important of having knowledge! Allah said in the first ayah in Quran: "Proclaim! in the name of Thy Lord and Cherisher who created"
For example, to perform the Solat, we have to learn the history and literature.. because nobody in our time had actually met the prophet, all we have is his Sunnah.. we have to search the direction of the kiblat , which brings us to geography and astronomy, before and during the Solat, we have to be clean which brings us to medicine, science and biology.. the numbers of rakaats and the exceptional things that cater the one in journey and the sick brings us to order to build the place of worship so called the mosque brings us to architecture, the need to teach others about the way to perform Solat brings us to art and technology, to prepare the means of traveling to Masjidil haram brings us to engineering and a whole lot more! this is only a mere example that I could think of at this time...I think human beings aren't just capable to think beyond what Allah have prescribed for us, if we want to write it down in a paper using the sea as the ink, we will fail to do so even if a double size of the sea of ink came to refill the pen we use to write it down.

If you had notice the achievements that we got only came from 2 songs, 'hikmah kembara' and 'aku tanpa cintaMu' was a successful experiment made by us as a team with the producers, so we were thinking to make another hit just like those these 2 new songs were specifically composed using the same mood as the previous hit. So if a duet with a veteran hit the pot, what if we do a duet with a new comer? what kind of impact do the song have...after all, we are just trying to convey the message to people, if the message is not delivered properly, then what is the point of delivering...if you know what I'm saying....
anyway, this song is about a person who is dying and wants to repent all his wrongdoings for his entire's the scariest thing ever going to happen to all of us...whether we are prepared or not, young or one is going to escape death...let's face it my brothers and day, we will not be here to see the world... so let us be prepared in whatever way that we can...
Wallahu a'lam

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

NEXT09 Sheffield

NEXT at Sheffield started in 2005, which of course I could not join as I was still in Malaysia. I didn't manage to come to the second and the third as well because my mother was sick back home, so I had to go back. Last year I did came to NEXT08 with the 'Cymru' team. Camouflaging behind the contestant, I was hardly recognized by the organizer until Ustaz Erfino invited me to the VIP room. I realized that one of the contestants was a recording artist from the group 'Nur Irsyad'. I saw many talented individuals with a very bright future and a pleasant personality. I got to snap a picture with Hamza Robertson, the guest artist..he said that I look very familiar... I don't know whether he's just saying it out of the blue or he really meant it.
Anyway, for this year insyaAllah, I will be coming to NEXT09 with Akbar on the 15th of March... Please show your support to our Muslim community event by attending and don't forget to bring your families and friends. It's an annual event we rarely got the chance to see in the UK.

For more information click here

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Mirwana without me:(

I don't know how to react to this situation where I am not there to be with my friends. It's a complicated feeling overwhelming between happy, sad and excited combined. It's still awkward to think of it, but when all is said and done... there's nothing I can do about it. It's good they choose not to wait any longer, because people hate waiting...I will keep you updated with the upcoming videos from Mirwana and please stay tune...thank you!

Friday, 6 February 2009

My (wife's) best friend's wedding

I am flattered to find someone acknowledging me to perform on her wedding and specifically demanded two of the most audacious songs to sing especially by me. Although I've received many unpleasant comments from people in front and the back of my face, I find it hard to refuse the request as I can kill two birds with one stone. With the knowledge that I never could've perform these songs elsewhere because of who I am, I get to challenge myself to give it a go in public. I wish someday nasyeed songs could've been composed as high quality as these songs so that we won't be undermined from the main stream media. If you'd notice I'm still wearing my graduation 'hat' as to remind me that I as the student of the International Islamic University, had solemnly pledge under oath that I will perform my obligatory daily prayers regularly....proper covering of the 'aurah'...promoting good and forbiding evil....and the list goes on...People just worried if I'm going to become a pop artist leaving behind the nasyeed industry which I don't intend to do nor will I leave any of my clothes off.

I think justice is to put something in its place, and these songs are dedicated for two people loving each other, and marriage is the sacred form of ibadah (munakahat). The pure love between man and woman is only permissible for husband and wife and strictly prohibited to the unmarried couples. Therefore, those who are in that category, these songs aren't really suitable to avoid unnecessary time wasting. Due to these circumstances, I had justified my action not against any sharia' law and I am promoting people who are ready and afford to get married as soon as possible especially for those who are above 25 years old. What are you waiting for? this is the only thing you have to do if tomorrow is your last day. A fact yet controversial statement to provoke others...insyaAllah

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nasyeed Extravaganza Ireland

It's been snowing all night yesterday, reported to be the heaviest snow in the UK in 18 years. Thousands of roads closed and people can't go to work and schools aren't open as well. It's a beautiful white day for the students to play outside making snow man, sliding down the hills, or snapping some pictures. This is only a small fraction of God's attributes for mankind to ponder about His absolute sovereignty.
I found this video in youtube and want to share it with you. It's my first time in Galway...hope you like it...

Actually I don't like giving comments right after a performance like a reality show thingy, because relatively my comments will contribute towards the audience votes to choose who's their favourite group to be the winner, but if I must, I must.

For Atap Hijau: They had a sense of humor in introducing their group. Both vocalists have beautiful voices. Back up vocals could sing in unison. The whole performance was very touching and had a lot of unpredictable gimmick.
For the solo performance: Obviously very brave and confident attempt. I can understand that it's hard to hear our voice without any monitor, but it's a good effort, well done!
For Munawwar: They did a nice intro and outro and they were the first performance with tight harmonizing noting that they definitely have some knowledge in music. Although it's not perfect, we can see the effect of a lot of training, may be too much towards the end until the tiredness shows. All I can say that this group is on a different level of the understanding of vocal projection.

For Gema galway: they have made a good song selection because it suits all the different vocal range in the group. They were very sporting and very entertaining. I like the group, I could tell that they are close friends.
For UCD Band: I had never seen a nasyeed band like this before, at least not at university level. You guys were brilliant! Honestly, I did enjoyed myself and quite excited to hear more from them. They were truly a very talented doctors.
For 7th note: This was one of the reasons I'm afraid of being a judge, despite being open to criticism, there could be someone out there who could sing my song better than me. What else could I comment? It's a good show, well done! and keep it up... Hope to see you soon...and Congratulations!
I just want to make something clear, not because 7th note sang my song they did won the first place, because the marks was 60% from the judges and 40% from the audience. Anyway, congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the committees for this great event.