Sunday, 13 May 2012

Arteffects International-album preview

Promotion for friends. Have you ever came across these albums? if you're looking for a way to keep your babies calm and makes your driving better, then this is the must have album! I remembered a commercial advertisement for a movie, 'a must see movie before you die'...(which is not true at all)...i can assure you that by remembering Allah is the only thing we will be glad we did while still breathing in this world...

Zikr - the way to a calmer heart and mind

I have signed up with this recording label named Arteffects International. From the name I presume many would understand that the goal is not only local content and local market. I want to share some of the zikr from the very album of the founder and director of Arteffects International, Hafiz Hamidun. It would be great if you can share them with others as well. Think of it as a viral good deed for yourselves, as whoever listened to it will automatically done a zikr to remember the greatness of Allah.

Solat Dhuha - a perfect gateway to financial freedom!

Many people would think that they can be happy with money. This would totally differ to the understanding of the companions of the prophets whom really depends on Allah's will for their livelihood. For example, the famous Abdullah ibn Maso'd who is not very rich and when the Khalifah wants to give him his portion from the Baitul Mal, he replied that "i don't need money to where i'm going", even when the Kalifah said, give them to your daughters then..he replied "they do not need it because they have surah Al-Waqiah, which the prophet pbuh said whoever read surah Al-Waqiah, they will not be afraid of poverty. There are real cases in modern time where someone who reads the Surah Al-Waqiah are living a wealthy life just because they read it everyday until it stays in their heads and they really understand what the Surah are saying and done it. Another mysterious way of Allah showing His love towards His obedient servants is the Solat Ad-Dhuha. The prophet pbuh said: Whoever gets up when the sun is before his eyes, performs a thorough ablotion then stands and prays two rakaats (Solat Ad-Dhuha) his sins are forgiven as his mother gave birth to him. Narrated by Abu Ya'la. This is the Duá after the Solat Ad-Dhuha which made me memorized it without even realizing. May Allah bless this nasyeed group and give them all the goodness in this world and the hereafter.

Featuring Izzat Mahadi

Salam to all.... it's been a long while since I last posted an entry here...just want to share with you the video clips which featured izzat mahadi in the making. I will come with an update on this....the video "Balada Selawat 1433H" is a prove that there are collaboration in Nasyeed scene in Malaysia. The Video "himpun" is an effort for us to show the world that we care. If the Aqeedah of the ummah is at stake, we will not keep quiet.