Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Money really changes people

Today we are friends but tomorrow who knows? A lot of people I heard totally changes in a flash, it's just like meeting a different person. Today they are humble and polite because they feel they have no say just because they are poor, but after they reached a certain level in society and considered as rich, they feel they are unstoppable. They have the power to buy anything, they can do whatever they want, greedy and selfishness conquered their hearts, not feeling sorry for other people and hate to go back to poverty. They feel like they deserve the money because they had worked so hard to get it. Even praying to God is irrelevant, because most people only pray to get rich. If they'd found a magic lamp with three wishes, they would use it to get rich. There's a saying that a successful man is the one who can buy whatever his wife wants and still have much money left for himself, and a successful woman is the one who can find that kind of man. So what is it that is so strong about money? Why do we have to be so dependent on it?
I'm not saying we don't have to find money because we still need it to buy food for living, but all I'm saying is why people are working so hard day and night to find something that will definitely left behind? Why there's no end in finding wealth? Why do people are willing to kill others for it? let alone hurting other peoples' feeling and defying them...wars are made to show whose the most powerful being on earth. Money is not everything but it is something. One thing that matter the most, will it be counted as our good deed in our graves? If the answer is yes, then we have to go all out for it! I really admire rich people who are generous to share their wealth with the poor, inviting the needy to their weddings, sponsor the hopeless orphanage children, etc...but the fact is, that kind of people is so hard to find. If all the rich people pay the zakat, there will be no poverty in the world, provided that all the governments in the world implies the zakat concept which is quite impossible if the world is not dominated by practicing Muslims.
We tend to forget who gives our wealth, we easily forget how we use to be before we're rich, we comfortably spend anything without realizing that it is still a test from Allah. All our wealth will be the burden for us to enter heaven.
One of the the prophet's (pbuh) companion, Saidina Ali once said; Knowledge is better than money for it will take care of you while you need to look after your money, knowledge is better than money for it will be your justification while your money will be put into justice, knowledge is better than money for it will grow much stronger when shared while money will be less and finish when spent.
Let us all be extra cautious in our monetary activities throughout our lives.

Everything we are now were designed and created as a result of the impact we had in our school days. This song reminds me of my school days in SRK Kampung Tunku, PJ, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang and IIUM Gombak. The bitter and sweet things which will be restored in my memory forever.