Monday, 6 July 2009

The best living example of mankind

Most of us already knew that there is no other God worthy to be worshiped than Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is His messenger. But do we really mean what we testify or we just say it because our parents made us to, and that our grandparents also did as their forefathers did for a long time? Why don't we check and figure it out ourself? Learn the proofs and evidences which we can see and do our own research based on the true sources. Learn our history, study the life of our prophet, question everything and ask for Allah's guidance. Let the truth be said and justice prevail.


Che Ahmad said...

Salam ukhuwwah bro izzat.

Saya baru shj menonton video persembahan cymru di youtube. lagu yang dinyanyikan is kerana cinta.

Saya tercari-cari karaoke version untuk lagu ni. kalau ada boleh bro sharing dengan saya?