Monday, 10 July 2017

Life of Test (Acapella)

Salam to all,

First of all I would like to apologize for not being able to write anything here for quite a long time. Secondly let me wish you all a very wonderful Eid Mubarak for those who are celebrating it. I know its a bit late but in some places, Eid is being celebrated for a month, just to be fair because we fasted the same amount of time. Nowadays, people didn't have the time or forget to visit families, friends and relatives, which makes it more relevant to spend a month to get to do all those trips. More importantly, Eid is a point where we feel loved, and cared for. Not only by humans, but by Allah, the creator Himself. He promised to forgive all our previous sins, and remove us from being one of the inhabitants of Hell fire. So that's what we call a true success! 

I actually recorded this song a couple of years ago but didn't have the time to edit a video for it. I got the chance to perform with Maher Zain in the 'Sounds of Light' concert here in Australia. It should be included in the English version of my album insyaAllah.  A song so straight forward, some people might feel uncomfortable listening to it. As people use music to relax, this song gives you the opposite effect which is to work and work because ultimately we are just a servant of our beloved creator. He gives us test after test just to reward us at the end of the day. The more difficult the test is, the higher ranks would be rewarded as a result. We just need to accept (redha) that we are being tested and have patience(sabr) afterwards. Allah's promise is never a lie. 

May Allah accept all our efforts and  may we be amongst the righteous people of paradise, insyaAllah. Aameen.