Thursday, 8 January 2009

my memories

I just want to share with you one of my first experience shooting for a commercial video clip. These are the only 2 clips which we had under Universal Music's budget. How much do you think these videos cost? Those were the days where artist still can't get a hold of the industry as a whole just yet. There were a lot of middle man playing extremely big part in the industry controlling every single move, until the nasyeed wave stroked where no logical explanation can be made. The demand for it keeps on coming eventhough they didn't get much airtime or promotion or whatsoever. It's a phenomenon where artist can do everything by themselves right before recording, song and lyric composing, mixing, mastering, launching, promotion, video clips, publishing house and some of them even do the distribution on their own. It's a revolution that killed the industry in a way, it shut down the major expensive studios and create more affordable home suite studios around the town. It made the international label closed down it's local departments, cds and cassettes are not selling because it's time for streaming online and download era, artist can't live depending only from their album's royalty because they are not sold, live shows are hard to find if you're not popular and many more. Then came the major recession period which is happening about once in a century. What sort of product do you think will come from this kind of motivation? Either way we see it, nasyeed scene still didn't get the full attention of the main stream media. I mean seriously, how many times did you guys see these 2 clips in the tv?