Thursday, 29 January 2009

quite spontaneous

I am currently waiting for the videos of NEXT-iere in Galway, so let me share with you some of my special featured songs made a couple of years back. These are not songs from any album but composed for a specific event back home.

the first video is an event for Maulidur Rasul held in Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. I still remember the time I got back from the Stadium I had an accident, someone hit me from the back and run, the funny thing is the car in front of me pulled over and asking me why did I knocked his car? I said "when did I hit you? I was the one who got hit!" It's interesting to find many kinds of people when you're in the road.
The second video is a videoclip made by JAKIM for 'AidilAdha' program. The location for the video was held at Bukit Tinggi, near Janda Baik. It was a bit like French kind of setting with Christmas decoration and all...not quite suitable for 'a pilgrimage style' though but the producer must have something in mind we don't know...

I guess some of you might have heard this song before. It's a song from the album 'Doa Harian' by Shahir. I really enjoyed the time we shoot for this video in Summerset Villa, Rompin. Shahir was still in his primary school at the time of the album launched. His manager have a really high hopes for him.

this song was supposed to be the first big step into the local music industry as BMG's recording artist, but BMG had to merge with SONY music, and Warner didn't seemed to be interested in signing us up. Long story cut short, we signed up with Universal Music a fews years after that. This song was the only newly recorded song compiled in the 'Junjungan Mulia II' album, so the time was very limited for us (from different universities) to completely perfected it at our own unpressurized environment, if you know what I mean...Luckily our producer, Syah Rizal from Brothers helped out with his vocal parts. So it was supposedly written as Mirwana featuring Syah Rizal...

Ever heard of Ust Amal before?the featured vocalist in Raihan's first album 'Puji-Pujian' by the song entitled 'AsSolatu wassalam'. He was superb! That's all I can say...wonder how is he doing now...Before I forgot, this song was re-recorded by NowSeeHeart a year after because the composer thought that it didn't got the push it had to. Well, I guest when a composer entrusted us with their song, it certainly meant something more to them than just being released in someone's album. Some of them think the song have a soul, which I think is not an appropriate word to use, the song can go as far as it does because of the livelihood that Allah has granted for the people working for the song and their families...someone else might composed a song quite similar to the top ones but never did as far.