Thursday, 4 June 2009

An adhoc decision

Once again, Cardiff's usrah team had organized a 'Solat Hajat' and Yaasin recitation event successfully. My part in the event as usual was to perform and hopefully relaxing the students' mind away from stressful study. With less than 2 hours of training and no idea of what song to perform initially, we had selected 6 songs randomly and tried to do them medley. Mind you that this group has no name and was spontaneously formed a day before the program. This was the outcome and I hope you all enjoy it, regardless any mistakes done as expected. The first song is a medley from Inteam's collection; 'segenggam tabah' + 'kehidupan'.

The second song is a medley from Raihan's collection; 'demi masa' + 'iman mutiara'.

The third and last song is a medley from Saujana's collection; 'suci sekeping hati' + 'keluarga bahagia'. Good luck and all the best for those who are taking their examination soon. Best wishes for all the final year students whom already excited to go back and serve the country. I would like to thank my friend Syafeeq for his hard work in editing the songs, Fairus for willingly joined the group in the last minute to make it a trio instead of a duet, Islahuddin, Fayadh and Fakri for taking the video, Asmawi for snaping some pictures, and last but not least all the audience for listening.

We managed to listen to a bit 'tazkirah' or reminder from surah Toha which tells us about how Moses was saved by the Pharoah's wife herself and how Allah commanded the angel to tell Moses's mother to put her son into the Nile river in a special basket. The man who designed the basket were about to tell Pharoah about the baby but couldn't say a word by the will of Allah. How the basket runs against the flow of the river and ended in Pharoah's wife garden. Finally Moses was brought up in the same palace the order to exterminate 60 thousand new born baby boy was made. And he touch a bit of the story of Abraham. How Abraham felt nice and cold in the burning fire that burn him. Fire with hot and destructive characteristic are commanded to be pleasant as He wills. This story was cut short due to time constraint but the moral is our whole life is a test. Don't exclude ourselves from other human being in the examination period, just to focus in our study successfully. Try to relax and believe what we have studied and everything else will be decided by God. Miracles happen when you believe, provided you have work hard for it.