Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nasyeed Extravaganza Ireland

It's been snowing all night yesterday, reported to be the heaviest snow in the UK in 18 years. Thousands of roads closed and people can't go to work and schools aren't open as well. It's a beautiful white day for the students to play outside making snow man, sliding down the hills, or snapping some pictures. This is only a small fraction of God's attributes for mankind to ponder about His absolute sovereignty.
I found this video in youtube and want to share it with you. It's my first time in Galway...hope you like it...

Actually I don't like giving comments right after a performance like a reality show thingy, because relatively my comments will contribute towards the audience votes to choose who's their favourite group to be the winner, but if I must, I must.

For Atap Hijau: They had a sense of humor in introducing their group. Both vocalists have beautiful voices. Back up vocals could sing in unison. The whole performance was very touching and had a lot of unpredictable gimmick.
For the solo performance: Obviously very brave and confident attempt. I can understand that it's hard to hear our voice without any monitor, but it's a good effort, well done!
For Munawwar: They did a nice intro and outro and they were the first performance with tight harmonizing noting that they definitely have some knowledge in music. Although it's not perfect, we can see the effect of a lot of training, may be too much towards the end until the tiredness shows. All I can say that this group is on a different level of the understanding of vocal projection.

For Gema galway: they have made a good song selection because it suits all the different vocal range in the group. They were very sporting and very entertaining. I like the group, I could tell that they are close friends.
For UCD Band: I had never seen a nasyeed band like this before, at least not at university level. You guys were brilliant! Honestly, I did enjoyed myself and quite excited to hear more from them. They were truly a very talented doctors.
For 7th note: This was one of the reasons I'm afraid of being a judge, despite being open to criticism, there could be someone out there who could sing my song better than me. What else could I comment? It's a good show, well done! and keep it up... Hope to see you soon...and Congratulations!
I just want to make something clear, not because 7th note sang my song they did won the first place, because the marks was 60% from the judges and 40% from the audience. Anyway, congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the committees for this great event.


akutaktahu said...

ayoyo...sikit lagi mau terkucil nyanyi lagu takdir penentu tu..hahaha
anyways..great performance...rindu mau beramal n bekerjasama dgn ko di Malaysia


'adz said...

huhu kagum dkt negara cuaca sejuk pon suara leh maintain lagi..

abuariffin said...

xdela sejuk sgt...ade beza ke suara kat negara sejuk dgn panas?

tp mmg betulla skit lg nk terkucil lagu ni...aku pun dh lama x dpt peluang jv dgn ko skrg ni...

H a r i z H said...

wah, maintain suara..
g sana smbg belajar ke?