Tuesday, 17 February 2009

NEXT09 Sheffield

NEXT at Sheffield started in 2005, which of course I could not join as I was still in Malaysia. I didn't manage to come to the second and the third as well because my mother was sick back home, so I had to go back. Last year I did came to NEXT08 with the 'Cymru' team. Camouflaging behind the contestant, I was hardly recognized by the organizer until Ustaz Erfino invited me to the VIP room. I realized that one of the contestants was a recording artist from the group 'Nur Irsyad'. I saw many talented individuals with a very bright future and a pleasant personality. I got to snap a picture with Hamza Robertson, the guest artist..he said that I look very familiar... I don't know whether he's just saying it out of the blue or he really meant it.
Anyway, for this year insyaAllah, I will be coming to NEXT09 with Akbar on the 15th of March... Please show your support to our Muslim community event by attending and don't forget to bring your families and friends. It's an annual event we rarely got the chance to see in the UK.

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