Friday, 6 February 2009

My (wife's) best friend's wedding

I am flattered to find someone acknowledging me to perform on her wedding and specifically demanded two of the most audacious songs to sing especially by me. Although I've received many unpleasant comments from people in front and the back of my face, I find it hard to refuse the request as I can kill two birds with one stone. With the knowledge that I never could've perform these songs elsewhere because of who I am, I get to challenge myself to give it a go in public. I wish someday nasyeed songs could've been composed as high quality as these songs so that we won't be undermined from the main stream media. If you'd notice I'm still wearing my graduation 'hat' as to remind me that I as the student of the International Islamic University, had solemnly pledge under oath that I will perform my obligatory daily prayers regularly....proper covering of the 'aurah'...promoting good and forbiding evil....and the list goes on...People just worried if I'm going to become a pop artist leaving behind the nasyeed industry which I don't intend to do nor will I leave any of my clothes off.

I think justice is to put something in its place, and these songs are dedicated for two people loving each other, and marriage is the sacred form of ibadah (munakahat). The pure love between man and woman is only permissible for husband and wife and strictly prohibited to the unmarried couples. Therefore, those who are in that category, these songs aren't really suitable to avoid unnecessary time wasting. Due to these circumstances, I had justified my action not against any sharia' law and I am promoting people who are ready and afford to get married as soon as possible especially for those who are above 25 years old. What are you waiting for? this is the only thing you have to do if tomorrow is your last day. A fact yet controversial statement to provoke others...insyaAllah