Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I missed you so much Ummi...

Words couldn't really describe how much tears had dropped, how much sorrow felt and lonely we are without our parents. We are so much in debt with them, that we can't afford loosing them before we can pay back as much as we could. But we come to realize that they are also human being created by God, borrowed by God to us temporarily to be our ultimate test. Parents can both be a blessing to gain reward and the door to a greater sin to be punished later on. It would be nice to still have a father and mother to turn up to, who don't get envy even a bit with your success, who really want us to be better than themselves, the one we can talk openly without any secrets, or share our feelings, bitter and sweet. Oh Allah, the owner of all the blessings, I pray for You to let my mother be happy on the other side, peacefully rest with Your Mercy. And when I come to join her, please let my son remember me in his prayers everyday. Please don't leave me alone in the darkness with no help.

My wife and I shared a quite similar story about our mothers. Our grandmothers passed away followed by our mothers after a few years. Hope they all are doing well and we still missed them and surely will follow their footsteps sooner or later. For those who still have parents, please don't wait until it's too late to be nice with them. Apologize immediately if we have any mistake that hurt their feelings, it's your mother, and your mother, and then still your mother comes first before your father. Your mother is your key to enter the heaven, you'll get more chance of a place in paradise if your parents are pleased with you...think about it...it's not worth it to fight our parents over something so vague and intangible than to loose our chance to be in an eternal life in heaven. Life is short as if the period between the Athan and Iqamah, that's why Athan are supposed to be whispered in the ears of a new born baby and we are being prayed after we die. It's that short...and within that short period of time we are suppose to think how actually are we going to survive in the hereafter, that's it!
I still can't believe that my mother had passed away, sometimes it feels like she is still here, but we must grow up and live with it, so help me God!