Thursday, 5 March 2009

there is no secret ingredient

"One can say that life is 'empty and meaningless' simply because we are a 'meaning making machine' from the day we born until the day we die. There's not one time we do something that is not either our 'rackets' or our 'strong suits'. And the truth is that you're not even listening to what I'm writing but you're responding to your filter created by you in your head-the already always listening."

There's a lot of difference if you see the world not as you've being seeing it all these while. For example, if you want to be happy, don't wait to get the happiness comes from someone else like your husband or wife, parents or families. You are the one who have the key to your own happiness by sharing your happiness to them. You need to make yourself happy and bring the energy within your social community to make them happy, then your happiness will be fulfill and content. Don't go and marry someone to find your happiness from your spouses, but bring your happiness to them. What you give you get it really does!
All your thoughts of the right and wrong things are not actually yours, it's just your interpretation of life. If we can let it all go, what do we have? nothing! and what is the opposite of nothing? Everything! We can create our own possibilities by just believing in ourselves. Does a university's degree guaranteed us a job? No,they don't! It's you getting the job. If the whole world tries to stop you from getting your bit which Allah has reserved for you in this world, they would have failed. And if the whole world tries to help you to get something that Allah didn't meant to be yours, they would also failed.
People always been afraid of these 3 things; wealth, health and marriage. Undoubtedly, these are the 3 most discussed area in our whole life. But as a Muslim we are blessed with the knowledge that there's nothing we can do to change them. (Maybe someone have just disagreed with me by now). Think about it this way, at the end of the day, we are all going to be judge on how we live our life in hereafter right? Do we pray to be born as royals? or even having a beautiful face? No we don't! There are just gift and at the same time a test from Allah, if you still don't get what I'm trying to say. What we have, who are we going to marry and when we are going to die had been pre-destined for us before we are born. All we have to do is to make sure we use all we've got for the sake of Allah.
Sometimes, I just wonder how the prophet did to implant faith into the companion until they actually wanted to die for the sake of Allah. How did they think about this life that they can just ignore the beauties and pleasure, and moreover they don't really go for the rewards they would get in the heaven, but only for the gratification of Allah. How did they retained the high motivation throughout their lives. I really longed to see that kind of environment once before I die.

The quoted sign sentences above are jargon used by a training I got recently. It was not an absolute breakthrough though as I already knew most of the concepts but I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the 3 days course in Bristol. I will be going to the 10 days seminar of the same training starting next week and I hope I can get something out of it. Someone can be our teacher even if he or she thought us only one simple thing, what if that someone had thought us so many things? How in the world are we going to repay that someone? Only God can reward the sacrifice made by our teachers by limitless profits in the hereafter because their will to spread knowledge are going to benefit them as long as the knowledge still beneficial in this world. And my deepest respect to the teacher of all the teachers in the whole universe, our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him). The most perfect creation ever lived in this world to be copied by all.


MyPinkyCloset said...

rindu je rase dkt mirwana mase sekolah dulu bile tgk video clip t.kasih guru tu...zmn knk2 ribena lg..skang sume dh jd bapak org..;)

abuariffin said...

begitulah...masa pantas sgt berlalu...x perasan pun dah tua