Monday, 9 March 2009

the most precious thing in our life

There's one thing in our body which can make us a bad person or a good one depending on it's condition, that thing is our heart. That's why everything we do is depending on what we have set our hearts on, whether for a bad intention or vice versa. When most of the people are busy with their life, less people are taking care of their hearts. Not by eating good food for its health but nourishing it with knowledge and care for it is the only thing that can save us after we die. When I talk about the after-life subject, which people tend to neglect so much whether it is on purpose or not, we can see that people are avoiding this subject to feel good about their life. This feeling is a dangerous one which had been warned by our prophet (peace be upon him) that there will be one time that the Muslims will be huge in numbers but most of them are infected with a devastating disease. And that is 'the love for the world and afraid of death.' Why did the prophet said that devoting ourselves to the world is an illness?
Before the Quran was even written into what we have today, the companion used to memorize them word by word. Later on the Quran was written properly after the Muslim had lost most of the companion committed to memorize the Quran in a war. Those days, the Muslims were like a 'walking Quran' who talks and acts accordingly to its verse and being closely supervised by the prophet himself. Now is the time to re-invent that moment for us to be the new Quranic Generation. We are the one who wants to be in heaven, don't we? Why wait for someone else to make a different?

Every Muslim with even a tiny bit of faith in their hearts will surely enter the heaven. How can we check if we have that tiny bit? There's no one in this world who can guarantee us a place in paradise, but all we can do is to constantly be reminiscent to each other about the main purpose of being a Muslim. And for that, I would like to thank all of my friends who keeps on jogging my memory to be a better Muslim every single day. How dare we misused the gifts that Allah had blessed for us and returning it to Him not as the way we got it. Anyway, let's find a way to increase our iman day by day and to cover back our duties that we had abandoned all these times to finally grasp the true sweetness until we die for the sake of Allah. One can never be adequate for such a great task, therefore I am enrolling you to join forces with us to ensure ourselves a greater future. May Allah helps the one who helps His religion.