Thursday, 19 March 2009

Charity Show @ London

We would like to use the opportunity having Akbar here in the UK to put up a charity show for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I am going to join him in MSD London on Thursday, the 26th of March 2009, from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm. We hope you all will be participating in the event and donate as much as you can. Don't be hesitated to give away our money for the sake of Allah, just think of it as an investment for yourself in the hereafter, InsyaAllah. We will be surprised of what we think a small insignificant effort would give us in return.
Here is a clip made by my friend, to promote Inteam's latest album; Allahu Robbi featuring 5 of their original members reunited.

Also performing is a nasheed group from London who called themselves Soutussalam which means the voice of peace. This group is one of the contestants in NEXT Sheffield every year and had made quite an impression every time by composing their own song and stuff. They actually proved that we can still contribute to our Deen and study simultaneously without clashing both of them. In fact, many 'nasheedians' I knew came from this line; the student and academician. I heard they had performed several times in many occasions throughout the UK which made them more popular than me I suppose. I am going to meet them on the 26th and maybe we can make a collaboration in an album, who knows? I want to produce an album consists of all the nasheed groups in the UK who can come up with their own song. Anyone interested please contact me...


Achan Septriasa said...

last week Inteam came to my campus and I've watched their performance.. sounds more creative in their new album bcoz they mix around with some hindi's sound in 1st single..but it still inteam.. seems like u have some experience in nasyid industry..i would like to ask your favor to give some opinion abt this article..

abuariffin said...

utk jwb soalan ni, rasanya pjg lebar...nnti saya sediakan 1 posting khas utk cite pjg2...ok