Monday, 2 March 2009

Music is just a tool!

Surprisingly I'm not a music lover...I don't actually listen to music...I never bought a music CD in my life...I have a few which I got it for free:) I can't call myself having a deep passion in music...but I'm not saying I don't like music...All I wanted to say is that we should all aware it by now that music is just a tool...not a means to find peace in our heart. It can bring (the idea of)hatred and it can also bring (the idea of) love. Many people didn't believe me when I said I don't always listen to music because I have been a recording artist with many albums all these years. Yes, you read it right, I don't really listen to music to find peace. I do it just to study and manipulate it into my experiments. I use them as a reference to train my vocal and that's it. It's not a necessity in life where we have to listen to music every day, or even every hour like some people.
I'm not a multi-talented musician who can play all the instruments but I am gifted not being a tone deaf. Is that something I pray to get?'s a gift and at the same time a test from Allah for me, whether I want to use it as a bad thing or otherwise. People are born with different gifts to be the means of getting to know our Creator. It is not a thing to be proud or ashamed of, it's a test of loyalty and allegiance to Allah. Sadly artist nowadays are being idolized by many, without realizing the danger lies behind the culture and lifestyle being brought together within the community from early age and are being consistently absorb and accepted as a normal behavior by the youngsters. Oh Lord, I seek refuge from being into the same ship as the others who let themselves be idolized and made a huge contribution towards the misleading information from God's true path.

Many had already knew about how Mirwana and Brothers are connected. Mirwana was originally a nasyid group from SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang...formed by Yasin when he was 15. The name was the idea of Yasin Sulaiman himself, named after his little brother Marwan. Brothers is Mirwana's senior in school days. They were the one to be feared or force to respect if you don't want to get bullied. After leaving school, Yasin formed another group called the 'Brothers'. Let's just look at this similar scenario happening to Brothers and Mirwana. Brothers consists of 4 people; Yasin, Salleh, Syah and Faiz. (Salleh was not from Maahad).Yasin left the group and make a solo album and won the AJL in 2001. He had been so successful since then leaving Brothers with Salleh, Syah and Faiz. They took Akbar as Yasin's substitute to proceed with the group. Later on, Syah were focusing on Mirwana and left the group. They took Halim as Syah's substitute. Now that Halim continued his studies in Australia and Akbar went solo, Brotherz now left with Salleh and Faiz. Then they decided to reunite back in an album called 'Kembali bersatu'...
Mirwana consists of 5 people; Izzat, Hafiz, Akmal, Along, Faizal. (Faizal was not from Maahad). Faizal left the group and join OIAM and won many awards. He had been so successful since then leaving Mirwana with Izzat, Hafiz, Akmal and Along. Later on, Akmal starts focusing on Varian. Izzat went to the UK and Mirwana had to take Naim and Ikram as a replacement.
Is this all just a coincidence? will they be joining back together in the future? who knows...


Achan Septriasa said...


New fact for today, history of Mirwana's name. Unbelievable u're never bought a music CD, btw that is your choice.

Historically, even in other music genres, some of them try to present their ideologies and message via music. It can be anything, dakwah, about life, politics etc. So the usage music is very universal.

Brothers and member of both groups is left and choose their own path..hehe.. Just wonder why Syah is stop singing, he has very good voice. May be he should make 'come back', may be with new version of Andai Aku? :)

kebetulan tengah play lagu Kesaksian..memang vox Syah memonopoli lagu ni

abuariffin said...

i never bought it because most of the time I got it for free!:) hehe...

yes, I have to agree Syah has a beautiful unique voice undoubtedly...but coming back as a singer maybe not a good idea, I am hoping he would come back as a great composer insyaAllah! that would be on a different level of contributor...the key player!

'adz said... yg bezanya, mirwana start berlima, brothers berempat,
brothers tggl 3 (masa akbar kuar), mirwana tarik 2 time abg izzat dkt uk..